What’s it Like to Attend an Accent Modification Class?

//What’s it Like to Attend an Accent Modification Class?

What’s it Like to Attend an Accent Modification Class?

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What’s it Like to Attend an Accent Modification Class?

What is Accent Modification?

To start, you may be wondering what accent modification is and how it works. Accent modification is the process of training to change your accent, and is usually done by a speech-language pathologist (SLP). Accent modification can be ideal for speakers of English as a Second Language (ESL), those with regional accents, and a variety of professionals, even actors. To learn more about this process, see our last post, Speech-Language Pathologists and Their Role in Accent Modification.

How do I find an accent modification class?

That’s easy! Packard Communications offers a variety of accent modification classes in the Portland metro area, as well as online. Small classes and individual classes with SLP Darren Packard are offered in Portland, and online classes can be a benefit if you are from outside of Portland! In-person and online classes are offered for Intel employees, and classes at Portland Community College (PCC) are available to local students and the public!

Between online and in-person classes, there are options for everyone! Check out the web pages above for details about pricing, location, materials, and start dates.

How does an accent modification class work?

You might be wondering what an accent modification class looks like. What do we talk about? What do we work on? We’d like to give you a play-by-play of what it is like to participate in one of these classes. To do this, we will explain how the most recent class at Portland Community College worked.

This specific class focused on consonants in accent modification, but course topics can also cover intonation, vowels, or American English pronunciation as a whole. Students received two handouts. The first included the schedule of topics for the class, with notes about how accent modification works, consonant sounds, and the model of practice as used by SLPs. The second handout had the full list of consonant sounds in English, with plenty of practice words for each sound. Students used these handouts for practice throughout the class.

Throughout the class, there were plenty of opportunities for individual and group practice to use the skills that were taught. Darren demonstrated strategies, had students try them out, and then gave immediate feedback. Students were able to walk away with plenty of information to start, continue, or accelerate their accent modification journey!

Accent modification classes at PCC will be offered once per term, and the class schedule can be found here. These classes are low-cost and non-credit, so anyone can participate in them. For more information, please also check the link on the Packard Communications website.

If you missed us last time, check out our last post, Speech-Language Pathologists and Their Role in Accent Modification!

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