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Packard Communications

How much you improve your accent and speech depends on the quality of your assessment and training. At Packard Communications you will learn from only the most highly trained and experienced instructors in the field of accent reduction, using the latest and most effective teaching tools.

We guarantee your instructor will have the experience and training listed below.

Accent Reduction Experience       
Over 10 years of experience as an accent reduction instructor
Over 17,000 direct client contact hours in accent reduction and communication training Experience teaching hundreds of clients who speak your native language with a similar accent as you
Experience teaching accent reduction in multiple foreign countries
Thousands of hours teaching accent reduction classes – from small to large corporate classes
Currently on the faculty at a university as a Speech-Language Pathologist 
Experience teaching accent reduction for a university and/or college
Education & Training
Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
Graduate of the Institute of Language & Phonology training program for accent reduction instruction
Graduate of LDS & Associates Accent Reduction Level 1 and 2 training programs
Experience studying accent reduction in multiple foreign countries
Licensed and accredited Speech-Language Pathologist
Active member of the American Speech-Language & Hearing Association
Whether you choose in-person training in Portland, Oregon or live, online web-based instruction our experience and training guarantees the most improvement in the least amount of time.