Packard Communications
Packard Communications

Low Cost Guarantee
If you find a lower cost of a similar Communication Assessment, Private Instruction, or a Small, Personal accent reduction class that meets the same rigorous standards we require for our assessment or training we will match that price AND provide you with a 5% discount for the program you choose to enroll with through Packard Communications. Simply contact us and provide us with the necessary information to receive your price match and discount.

The Most Experience Guarantee
We set the industry standard for the most experienced, highly trained instructors in the field of accent reduction and communication training. We guarantee every instructor meets the strictest criteria and qualifications, including:

Over 10 years of experience as an accent reduction instructor
Over 17,000 direct client contact hours in accent†reduction and communication training
Experience teaching hundreds of clients who speak your native language with a similar accent as you
Thousands of hours teaching accent reduction including individual, small, and large corporate classes
Masterís Degree in Speech-Language Pathology
Active member of the American Speech-Language & Hearing Association
Currently on the faculty at a university as a Speech-Language Pathologist†
Experience teaching accent reduction for a university and/or college
Experience studying accents in multiple foreign countries

Improvement Guarantee
With over 17,000 hours of experience teaching people to speak with less of an accent we have a very good idea of the amount of improvement we expect. Given our experience and proven teaching methods we guarantee the most improvement in the field of accent reduction.

We guarantee that with our training and following a prescribed practice schedule that you will improve at least 70% or more in the area in which we are training you, whether it is pronunciation, intonation, volume, speech rate or any other area of communication. If you do not meet this expectation we will provide you with the necessary training to meet this goal at no cost or refund you the cost of your training.

Lower costs. More experience. The best results. Contact us now for more information.