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Free Consultation
Have a question about your accent? Unsure if you need to take an English as a Second Language class or an Accent Reduction class? Have questions about how our programs may help you?

Contact us for a Free Consultation. We’ll arrange a time for you to talk to one of our highly trained and experienced instructors either meeting with you in person, by phone, or live and online. We’ll answer your questions, give you advice, and help any way we can – at no charge!

Free Accent Screening
Would you like to know the level or severity of your accent? Want to know some of the sounds are not pronouncing correctly? We offer a free accent reduction screening. After reading 20 words and having a short conversation with one of our highly trained and experienced instructors we’ll be able to give you some basic information about your accent – at no charge! Give it a try!

Free Accent Reduction Training
Packard Communications offers free accent reduction seminars and workshops in the Portland, Oregon area. For more information or to join one of our trainings follow the below links:

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