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Small Class.
Big Improvement.


Small Intensive Accent Modification Classes

Portland, Oregon Area

Dynamic, unique class to improve your communication skills

● 10 classes, each two hours, one night a week
● Only five students
● Learn correct pronunciation of every sound in American English
● Learn little-known pronunciation rules
● Learn American English melody, optimal speech rate, and volume

Class Activities

  • check Constant, direct instruction with feedback for each student
  • check Recorded conversation with review
  • check Conversation with immediate feedback
  • check Reading aloud
  • check Work conversations and presentations

Outside of Class

Individualized homework assignments
Practice with extensive audio and visual materials
Improve pronunciation of work, personal, problem and common words

Accent Modification Classes
Nic Crosato

Advance My Career

“I work hard and feel like I’m really good at what I do. But to advance in my career I need to have good communication skills. This class was certainly as practical as any college or continuing education class. I loved it when after the class I was told I was speaking better – from people who didn’t know I took a class!”

Nic Crosato
Business Strategist
Native Language: French

CONTACT to Join Class
When does the next class start? 2018-07-29T18:50:04+00:00

Classes start every 3-4 months, contact us for the current schedule.

How do I register? 2018-07-29T18:50:26+00:00

Contact me! Send me an email through the website, call, or email directly. To register you only have to let me know you’d like a spot saved in a class.

When is the tuition due? 2018-07-29T18:50:50+00:00

Usually a few weeks before the class, when the class is full. Payment can be made by credit card, cash, or check.

What’s not included in the class? 2018-07-31T05:05:35+00:00

Everything is included in your class, including all materials. The only thing that is additional is the optional Communication Assessment, which is testing and a report completed before and after your class.

Where are the classes? 2018-08-25T19:21:32+00:00

At my offices – see below!

What are other students like who will be in my class? 2018-07-29T18:52:08+00:00

All the students understand and speak English well and are professionals working in the US or students. All are non-native English speakers who may speak with different accents. All are learning the same sounds as you and will have difficulty with some of the exact same sounds as you do.

What if I need to miss a class? 2018-07-29T18:52:34+00:00

Many students may miss one or two classes. Absences scheduled in advance and classes missed due to illness and/or other significant circumstances can be made up by watching a video recording of your missed class and meeting with me to make up what you missed.

Unexcused absences or absences for other reasons will not be made up.

Please note that once paid, tuition is non-refundable.

“I’m speaking more clearly when lecturing and slowing down, it’s really helped!”
– Umit Ogras, Assistant Professor School of Electrical Engineering
Arizona State University

Can I host a class at my company? 2018-07-29T18:53:15+00:00

Yes, I’ve taught onsite classes at companies for as few as two students and as many as 40. Contact me!

How much is the class tuition? 2018-08-03T04:58:46+00:00

For the latest class tuition rates, please contact me!

Will my company pay for this class? 2018-08-03T04:59:37+00:00

It depends on your company! But I’ve had many companies send their employees to this class and their company has paid or reimbursed their tuition.
If you’d like me to provide supporting documentation, speak with your employer, or help in any way – just let me know!

Will insurance pay for my class? 2018-08-03T05:00:23+00:00

No, typically insurance does not pay for this type of training, as it’s not a medical condition.

Will I improve? 2018-08-03T05:00:52+00:00

Yes! I’ve NEVER had a student not improve. It’s impossible to specify the degree to which you’ll improve, but remember that you’ll be improving in multiple areas – your intonation, speech volume and rate of speech, and pronunciation – which, when added together, will be noticeable!

How do I know if this class is right for me? 2018-08-25T19:22:27+00:00

Let’s talk! I can provide you with as much information as you need and answer as many questions as you may have about the class.

How much homework is there? 2018-08-03T05:02:02+00:00

Typically I ask students to practice 30 minutes a day for the first few weeks. This will decrease as the class progresses and your homework will shift to using your improved speech skills in conversations outside of the class – implementing what you’ve learned.

Will I still speak with an accent after this class? 2018-08-25T19:19:20+00:00

Likely, depending on the degree of your accent before you started the class. For students with minimal accents, this could be an achievable goal. But for most students, the goal of the class is to reduce the amount of effort that listeners need to exert to process what you’re saying. This is accomplished by teaching you to speak in a way that is most similar to what your listener is most used to hearing.