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Hear the


Everyday non-native English speakers experience difficulties when communicating in American English.

They are viewed as less competent than they really are. They may struggle in interviews and not get promoted. Most lack confidence, as they know that something is different about how they speak but they’re not sure what.

If this sounds familiar, my training directly improves the problems you are experiencing.

Improved: Vowels 85% and Consonants: 75%

“I learned how to speak more loudly, more slowly and improved my pronunciation of the American English vowels 85% and the consonants 75%. Combined it’s a noticeable difference.

Joel Mendez
Corporate Marketing Engineer
Mentor Graphics
Native Language: Spanish


Average Pronunciation


Average Melody

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  • Correctly pronounce every sound in American English
  • How letters = sounds
  • American English pronunciation, not British
  • Melody of American English – make statements and ask questions
  • Speak more slowly and use pauses
  • Increase your speech volume
  • Learn to “hear” the sounds in words
  • Improve presentations, interviews, conference calls, and conversations

“I’m not getting asked as often where I’m from.”
-Christina Popa, Anesthesiologist at North American Partners in Anesthesia

Every Student Receives

  • Direct, specific, personalized instruction
  • Audio and video recording and feedback
  • Transfer of improved skills to conversation
  • Application of improved pronunciation to your vocabulary
  • Extensive audio and visual practice materials
  • Individualized homework assignments
  • Accountability to meet practice goals
  • Certificate of class completion