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Packard Communications offers in-person accent reduction and communication training in Portland, Oregon and live, web-based online training throughout the world.

Our trainers are the most respected and experienced in the world. Each instructor has over 10 years and 17,000 hours of experience, has worked with hundreds of clients who speak your native language, is a licensed and accredited Speech-Language Pathologist, has taught accent reduction and pronunciation at the university and college level, and has traveled throughout the world studying accents.

Our experience and training guarantees that you will learn more quickly, at less cost, make more improvement, and soon be speaking more clearly, confidently, and with less of an accent. Contact Us now for more information about in-person and online training programs, courses, and classes for accent reduction, accent training, accent modification, American accents, American English pronunciation, American pronunciation, English pronunciation, pronunciation training, to learn an English accent, pronunciation, and US accents.


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